July 1920s
There should be in every home a list of remedies for accidents and illnesses of various kinds. A person poisoned with poison ivy, if treated with bruised fresh leaves of catnip, will be relieved from much suffering. To stop bleeding, bind a handful of flour on the cut. Vinegar should be given for lye poisoning. Mustard and water will cause vomiting.

July 1930s
Padgett, well-drillers, started the latter part of last week to deepen the well on the residence property of Carley Bowers in the east part of town. They have just finished a well at the new residence of Homer Hagedorn at a depth of 76 feet.

July 1940s
Gladys Irene Blanks and Norman Tietjen, a well known young Stover couple, were quietly married Saturday evening, July 19 at the American Lutheran parsonage by the Rev. H. A. Kolm. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Blanks and the foster daughter of Mrs. Ada Stockdale of Stover. She has made her home with the latter since the age of 12. The bride is a charming young lady.

July 1950s
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Tietjen and daughter Joyce visited last week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Martens and daughter Connie in Henry, Ill. From Illinois, they continued their trip to Iowa Falls, Iowa to visit Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Beer and family. Tietjen and Beer were Army buddies in World War II.

July 1960s
Jim Nelson is looking for individuals who will donate their labor and the services of a posthole digger to erect a fence at Memorial Park. Posts for the fence were donated by Raymond Jason and hauled to the park by Otto Kraxberger. Erection of the fence has to be done by volunteer labor. Nelson will appreciate anyone willing to help on the project. Anyone interested should call Nelson’s home, DRake 7-2395.

July 1970s
When we killed that Brown Recluse spider at home, we felt there was probably a mate around somewhere, but it’s been worse than that. Already, two dozen or more Recluse babies have lost their lives in the bathtub where we killed the first one.
What should have been done was to put a leash on that lizard resting in the shade at Fajen Lumber Co. last week, and put him in the house. He would have made quick meals of those spiders.

July 1980s
Twenty years ago, Missourians were losing their forest land at a rate of 100,000 acres a year. In one decade, a million acres of forests were lost to development or conversion to pasture. At that rate, forests in Missouri would have been a thing of the past in little more than a century. But foresters for the Missouri Department of Conservation think the drastic declines in forest land have halted.

July 1990s
The local postal workers hosted a fish fry Sunday, July 20 at Dunham Park in Versailles for all postal employees. Mark Stevens was in charge of frying the fish. Representing the Stover Post Office were postmaster Larry and Brenda Gerlt and Tara, Larry and Rachel Boatright, Mark Stevens and son Matt, Sid and Shirley Merriott, Wayne and Cheryl Nolting and Brock, Bob and Pam Witte, Mandy and Haley, and Don and Joyce Marriott.

July 2000s
The community of Florence will celebrate its 175th anniversary Saturday, Aug. 4. History books will be available for $15 with books from the 165th anniversary for $5. Cups and caps and T-shirts designed by Missy Siegel will also be available.