July 1920s
Stover citizens have just subscribed $250 to be used to form a bathing pool on west Richland creek. In Louis Tagtmeyer’s pasture below the railroad bridge, the creek water is kept fresh by a small spring. Mayor F. A. Gerlt and Dr. Weist have devised a plan and inexpensive way of forming a fresh water pool at this point.

July 1930s
For the first time in 27 years the editor of the Tri-County Republican, is absent from his duties. Our editor Harrell left last Thursday for Savannah, Mo. where he entered Dr. Nichols Sanatorium for malignant growth on the right side of his face. The issue this week was published by his family members who ask for your kind indulgence for any mistakes or omissions.

July 1940s
Lois Schedler, 10-year old daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Schedler of Stover, suffered the fracture of her left arm between the wrist and elbow Monday while riding a bicycle. The injury was given proper attention at the Gunn Clinic in Versailles.

July 1950s
Although grain harvesting in the Stover rural area has been delayed by wet weather, farmers will save probably 75 percent of the 1957 crop. Weather this past week has permitted fields to dry out, and at present, the harvesting is progressing rapidly. Quality of the grain is poor. Very little tests 60 pounds. Some of the grain is bleached or shrunken. The oats loss from the wet weather will be greater than in wheat.

July 1960s
Ronnie Boeschen, 15, of Stover received painful but not serious injuries Sunday evening when he fell from a hayride wagon near Cole Camp. Two wagons were attached to a tractor. Ronnie was on the back of the first wagon when he fell. His shirt caught on a wheel as he was dragged 15 or 20 feet between the two wagons before the tractor stopped.

July 1970s
State health officials urge residents to guard against tick bites because of the risk of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. While the disease is named for the Rocky Mountains where it was first discovered, most cases occur in the eastern half of the nation which includes Missouri.

July 1980s
Mary Beth Taylor of Stover is spending six weeks in Japan through a Lions Club program. She will be the guest of the Osamu Aoki family in Miyaki, Japan, until Aug. 2 and then spend three weeks with the Juto Sumiyoshi family in Kituki.

July 1990s
Fighting head winds on a moonless night while looking for loggerhead turtles was only one of the adventures of the South Carolina vacation. Returning from the recent vacation were Stephanie Worthley, Katy and Betty Friedebach, Shannon and Jessica Beckman, with sons Kyler and Justin, all of Stover. The vacationers rented a beach home on Edisto Beach for one week.

July 2000s
Eric Rieger was recently honored for completing the 2007 Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) summer session on the Northwest Missouri State University Campus in Maryville. Rieger will be a junior at Morgan County R-I School. He is the son of Harold and Lois Randall of Stover.