Morgan County voters, with a turnout of 63.85 percent, Tuesday, Nov. 6 in the general election, made their wills known in two contested local races.
Voters elected Republican Aimee Worthley for county clerk, with 4,345 votes. Incumbent Democrat Cathy Daniels garnered 3,440 votes.
In the other contested county race, for presiding commissioner, Republican Tony Stephens came out on top with 5,643 votes versus Democrat James Vaughan, at 1,831.
Other candidates running for county office unopposed included Monica Cable, circuit clerk (6,600 votes); Nancy Boles, recorder (6,695); Kimberley Ingersoll, treasurer (6,605); Dustin Dunklee, prosecuting attorney (5,733); and Kathy Francis, collector (5,966).
David Wood (R) is unopposed for State Rep. Dist. 58 and received 6,800 Morgan County votes.
In the race for the Senate Dist. 6 seat, Morgan County voters gave Mike Bernskoetter (R) 5,575 votes; Nicole Thompson (D) 1,876; and Steven Wilson (LIB), 194.
J. Stephen Grantham (R), on the ballot for associate circuit judge, garnered 6,631 votes and Matt Hamner (R) for circuit judge, received 6,448.
Running for United States Representative, Dist. 4 were incumbent Vicky Hartzler (R), who received 5,982 Morgan County Votes. Challenger Renee Hoagenson (D) garnered 1,650 and Mark Bliss (LIB) got 168.
State auditor candidates included Saundra McDowell (R), with 4,597 Morgan County votes; incumbent Nicole Galloway (D), with 2,616; Sean O’Toole (LIB), with 136; Don Fitz (GRN), with 48; and Jacob Luetkemeyer (CST), with 300.
In the race for United States Senator were Josh Hawley (R), who received 5,549 Morgan County votes. Incumbent Claire McCaskill (D) garnered 2,013 votes. Japheth Campbell (LIB) received 104. Jo Crain (GRN) got 42. Craig O’Dear (IND) tallied 154.
Missouri Supreme Court judge W. Brent Powell was retained 5,398 “yes” to 1,469 “no.” Mary Rhodes Russell was retained 5,103 to 1,652.
Missouri Court of Appeals judge Edward Ardini, Jr. was retained 4,983 to 1,697.
Amendments & Propositions
Morgan County voters also decided on several proposed amendments and propositions, including redistricting, legalizing medical marijuana, increasing minimum wage, increasing motor fuel tax, and bingo regulations.
Amendment 1 (redistricting, limits on campaign funds, limit on lobbyist gifts, legislative records open to public), received 4,128 “yes” and 3,481 “no” votes.
Amendment 2 (allowing use of medical marijuana with tax money befitting veterans’ services) received 4,829 “yes” and 2,989 “no” votes.
Amendment 3 (allowing use of medical marijuana with tax money benefitting medical research) received 2,350 “yes” and 5,370 “no” votes.
Amendment 4 (removing language limiting bingo game advertising) received 3,533 “yes” and 3,807 “no” votes.
Proposition B (increase state minimum wage to $8.60/hour, gradually increasing to $12/hour by 2023) received 4,266 “yes” and 3,464 “no” votes.
Proposition C (remove state prohibition on personal use and possession, growth, production, and sale of medical marijuana, with taxes supporting drug treatment, early childhood education, and public safety) received 3,112 “yes” and 4,592 “no” votes.
Proposition D (fund Missouri state law enforcement by increasing the fuel tax by 2.5 cents per gallon annually for four years, exempt Special Olympics from state taxes, and establish the Emergency State Freight Bottleneck Fund) received 3,034 “yes” and 4,727 “no” votes.
Complete, unofficial, Morgan County general election results can be found in this edition of the newspaper. The chart features results by precinct. Note: these results are unofficial until certified by the election official, Morgan County Clerk Cathy Daniels.