Morgan County is welcoming the arrival of its second Missouri Department of Conservation agent, Matt Wheaton.
Wheaton recently transferred from Putnam County in northern Missouri. He graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation Enforcement and a minor in Criminal Justice.
Wheaton was a participant in the Protection Volunteer Program, a program designed to help young adults decide whether or not a career as a conservation agent is right for them.
During his time as a volunteer, Wheaton spent time working with Conservation Agents, Missouri Department of Conservation staff members, and the public through enforcement patrols, outreach and education programs, hunter education, resource management practices, and many other activities.
Once hired as a Conservation Agent, Wheaton spent six months training in law enforcement and natural resources in Jefferson City before being assigned to Putnam County. Wheaton said he is excited to start working in his new assignment and meet the people of Morgan County.
He said a career as a Conservation Agent can be very rewarding because Agents serve the people of Missouri, protect the forest, fish, and wildlife resources of the state, and interact with and educate youth who enjoy being outdoors.
For more information about a career as a conservation agent, or information about the Protection Volunteer Program, contact the agent in your home county. To get in touch with Morgan County Conservation Agent Matt Wheaton, or to report a wildlife violation, cal 573-346-2210, or contact Agent Wheaton directly at 573-378-0763.