In an effort to improve auditory coverage of the city’s storm sirens, a mobile siren is being brought to the town next Thursday, Aug. 18 to conduct tests from various locations, beginning at approximately 9 to 110 a.m.
Grant funding is available for upgrading and/or replacing existing sirens, some of which are antiquated. Versailles Fire Department Chief Duane Miller, who will be assisting in the mobile testing, said in the Versailles City Council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 9, that more modern rotating sirens are louder and have an increased range. Areas of overlap will be determined and eliminated in the process of determining the most efficient location for storm sirens in the city limits.
The public should be aware of the testing may cause noise disruption.
Ordinances Passed
The Versailles City Council passed several ordinances Tuesday night. One ordinance revised a confusing and inconsistent rate system for renewal of city business licenses to a flat $35 annual fee. Previously, rate varied depending on type of business, goods or services offered, etc. Some professions are exempt from paying an annual business license fee, including religious leaders, doctors and dentists, auctioneers, real estate brokers, and others.
Two separate ordinances were passed stating the land upon which the airport is located and the land on which the lift station on the southeast side of town are located, be annexed into the city boundaries. While the city owned the properties, for purposes of law enforcement, first responders, fire prevention, and certain applicable taxes and assessment, the properties were officially located in the county. This ordinance brings the properties into the jurisdiction of the city.
An ordinance amending the rates charged for connections to the city sewer and water systems for those outside the city limits was passed. Certain requirements for connection and metering are defined and costs will be the same as for city residents.
An ordinance rezoning a parcel of land from R-4 to C-1 was approved by the council. The parcel is located at 609 Alum Springs Road and was rezoned for the purpose of constructing a shop facility. In addition, a parcel of land at 610 Alum Springs Road and all property owned by the City of Versailles along Alum Springs Road was rezoned to C-1.
Council Briefs
– The wastewater plant handled the recent heavy rains.
– A meter on Well No.2 has stopped working. A rebuild may be the cheapest fix.
– The city’s chipper is still not running properly. Service technicians are to visit the city this week to analyze the issue.
– A dog park is being considered by the Parks Department.
– Lonnie Madole and Emma Ware were appointed to the Park Board.
– Refueling is back online at the airport, at $6.65 per gallon.
The next meeting of the Versailles City Council is scheduled 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13 at City Hall in Versailles.