Tuesday, Dec. 18 to Thursday, Dec. 27

The Versailles Police Department recently responded to the following incidents:
Tuesday, Dec. 18- Call for alarm at Vera Cruz. Call for traffic crash on West Newton Street and Highway D. Call for lockout on North Monroe Street.
Wednesday, Dec. 19- Call for lockout on North Monroe Street. Call for domestic dispute on Second Street. Call for traffic stop and DWI on West Newton Street.
Thursday, Dec. 20- Call for a well-being check at Missouri Avenue Apartments. Call for a domestic dispute at Missouri Avenue Apartments.
Friday, Dec. 21- Call for a fight at Another Round. Call for harassment on East Newton; order of no trespass.
Saturday, Dec. 22- Call for domestic and resisting arrest on Hunter and Clark Streets.
Sunday, Dec. 23- Call for lockout at Vera Cruz. Call for lockout on South Walnut Street. Call for assault and peace disturbance.
Monday, Dec. 24- Call for lockout on West Williamson Street. Call for lockout on Lyndon Ave. Call for suspicious activity in Rainbow Estates. Call for domestic dispute on West Williamson Street.
Tuesday, Dec. 25- Call for lockout at Casey’s; entry gained.
Wednesday, Dec. 26- Call for physical domestic at Western Hills Motel. City shed alarm triggered. Investigate 911 hang-up on North Monroe Street.
Thursday, Dec. 27- Call for drive off at Eagle Stop.