Lalia Croswhite, 1, sits with her new friend “Trooper” the stuffed bear Tuesday, Jan. 14 in Versailles. Versailles police officer Bill DiMarsico had the bear in his squad car, right, while patrolling the Walmart parking lot in Versailles. DiMarsico said he “found a person putting their child into a car seat and … told them Trooper Bear needed a home.” Lalia was at Walmart with her aunt Marie Croswhite. Lalia’s grandmother, Shelley Croswhite, said Lalia, who loves stuffed animals, was “so excited” and was touching the bear’s face in wonder at its size. The bear was originally won by a local couple in a Christmas drawing at Courthouse Cafe in downtown Versailles. The couple donated the bear to the police department. (submitted photos)