The Versailles Tigers lost to the California Pintos 43-7 Friday, Oct. 2 and 54-6 to the Boonville Pirates Friday, Oct. 9 on Versailles turf.

Versailles vs California
This game didn’t quite go as the Tigers would have liked, according to Coach Kirk Hannah.
A loss at home and during homecoming celebrations is never easy, but the team had just returned from a three-week hiatus with canceled games due to COVID-19 concerns.
“It was good to get back out there and play,” said Hannah. “It was almost like starting the season all over again. I know our guys were nervous, but excited at the same time.”
California got the kick-off by Adolfo Osio to the 17 yard line. Versailles’ Michael Bell returned to the Pintos 29 for 54 yards.
California’s Drake Schlup runs for 12 yards scoring a touchdown, and the kick is good for the extra point from Osio. The Pintos led 7-0.
On the second drive of the quarter Radcliff completes a pass to Cole Wilson gaining 29 yards with four pass completions.
With :56 left in the first quarter, California’s Schlup ran for two yards scoring a touchdown and the extra point was once again secured by Osio. California led 14-0 at the quarter.
Opening the second quarter The Pinto’s Max Coleman runs to the Tigers 41 for six yards, penalty for offensive holding for 10.
Radcliff punted to the Pintos 22 yard line, with a return by Schlup to the Pintos 48 for 26 yards in the fourth down.
At the nine minute mark Schlup ran for 23 yards scoring a touchdown for the Pintos. The kick by Osio is good. California led 21-0.
Following another Tigers failed at the 2:05 mark California’s Calen Kruger ran for 16 yards scoring a touch down, followed by a good two-point conversion. Pinto’s led 29-0.
At this point the Tigers just couldn’t recover. Another touchdown and extra point by the Pinto’s with 18 seconds left on the clock brought the score 36-0 to end the first half.
Three minutes into the third quarter California’s Kruger completes a pass to Schlup for five yards, touchdown and the point after kick by Osio is good.
At at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Radcliff completes a pass to Bell for four yards scoring a touchdown for the Tigers. The extra-point kick by Tres Powers is good, bringing the score 43-7 California.
Neither team would score another goal closing out the night with a loss for the Tigers.
Radcliff completed 12-19 passes, gaining 77 yards and one touchdown. Rushing, Radcliff had15 carries for 39 yards.
Bell had seven receptions, gaining 39 yards and earning one touchdown.
California led in offensive yards with 459, Versailles 115.Total passing yards for California 151, Versailles 82. Rushing yards California 308, Versailles 33.
The Pintos turned over the ball twice, Versailles once.
“California is a very talented team,” said Coach Hannah. “They play with a lot of confidence and to be truthful, they were just physically more than we could handle.
“I am proud of our kids and how they have handled all the adversity this season. With all of the starts and stops plus quarantines, they have stayed in there and fought. We have had some of the best practices in a long time here, and regardless of what the scoreboard says, they are getting better everyday.”

Versailles vs Boonville
Tigers kicked off the game to the 41-yard line by Tres Powers.
The Pirate’s Tyson White completes a pass to DJ Wesolak at the Pirates’ 49 for eight yards. Kole Viebrock on the tackle.
At 10:44 Boonville’s White completes a pass to DaWan Lomax for 41 yards, touchdown. The point after the kick by Ross Brackman is no good. Boonville led 6-0.
With 5:10 left in the quarter Boonville’s Andrew Wiser ran for 13 yards scoring a touchdown. The kick by Brackman was good. Boonville led 13-0.
At 3:49, Wiser ran for three yards for the touchdown. Brackman earned the extra point. Boonville 20-0.
With only 2:09 left in the quarter, a pass by Bell to Ben Dornan was intercepted by Boonville’s Lane West for a touchdown, the extra point by Brackman was good. Boonville 27-0.
With 10:35 on the clock the Pirates’ Lomax runs for three yards scoring the touchdown. The extra point kick by Brackman is good, opening the quarter 34-0 Boonville.
Boonville’s Wiser ran an impressive 84 yards for the touchdown and extra point by Brackman was good. Boonville led by 41-0 leaving an impossible gap for the Tigers to fill.
Versailles finally got on the scoreboard with a complete pass by Radcliff to Bell for 66 yards, and a touchdown. The extra point kick by Powers is no good. Boonville 41-6.
Another nail in the coffin for the Tigers as Boonville’s Spencer Steakley runs for four yards, and a touchdown. The kick by Brackman was good. Boonville 48-6.
The Tigers held the Pirates at bay until the 4:38 mark of the third quarter. Boonville’s Lomax ran for 28 yards scoring the touchdown, but the kick by Brackman was no good. Boonville closed out the quarter 54-6. Which would be the final score of the game.
Radcliff completed 8-17 passes gaining 141 yards and one touchdown, and had 16 carries gaining 33 yards.
Bell made six receptions gaining 124 yards and one touchdown.
Passing yards, Boonville 80 and Versailles 146. Boonville had 331 rushing yards, Versailles 38. Boonville turned over the ball once, Versailles three times.