by Janet Dabbs
It was reported at the Wednesday, May 8 Rocky Mount Fire Protection District (RMFPD) Board meeting that RMFPD Fire Chief Kevin Hurtibise attended nearly 50 hours in training from Monday, April 22 to Friday, April 26 to become certified as a Missouri Fire Investigator. The training was conducted by the Missouri State Fire Marshal at Lake Ozark Fire Protection District Station No. 1.
Hurtibise passed the state test and he is now in the process of being graded on an investigation report to receive his certification.
Hurtibise co-investigated a fire at the St. Moritz Condominiums that happened in April. His investigation report was sent to the State Fire Marshal’s office. Once graded and passed, Hurtibise will be certified to determine the cause and origin of fires, which will help in deciding whether or not the State Fire Marshal’s office needs to be called in for a separate investigation.
“This will cut down on how many times we have to call them in,” Hurtibise explained. The RMFPD policy is to call in the State Fire Marshal in any fire where this is a fatality or extensive loss.
Also in April, RMFPD volunteers trained a total of 209.5 hours. One firefighter was trained for his State Certification Fire One and Fire Two, in Fulton. Two firefighters are going through National Registry EMT Training at the Miller County Ambulance Station No. I, in Eldon.
Citizen Comments
During the citizen comment portion of the board meeting, Bob Hemen, a member of the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District (SBFPD) Board of Directors, asked Hurtubise why the SBPFD fire inspector was present at an RMFPD inspection in April, without asking the SBFPD board. He also wanted the name of the citizen who requested a third party to be present.
Hurtubise stated he requested the assistance from Acting SBFPD Fire Chief Jamie Karl, as was normal protocol. “I requested SBFPD Chief Fire Marshal Wieberg to assist in the investigation and he complied, in accordance with our mutual-aid agreement. In this case, we do not have to ask the board,” Hurtubise said. He also stated that the name of the citizen would not be disclosed, as there was possible litigation.
Misty Maeder made a Sunshine Law request. Two months ago, she made three Sunshine Law requests. According to Hurtibise, the requests were granted and mailed to her. Hurtibise said Maeder failed to pick up the three requests from the post office. She was presented with a form letter at the board meeting stating that in order for her Sunshine Law requests to be granted, she would have to pay the RMFPD $50 for the costs associated with filling her requests. These costs included one hour for Hurtibise’s time, and one hour for the RMFPD secretary’s time, plus printing expenses.
Chief’s Report
Hurtibise reported the district responded to 28 calls for service in April. The calls for service included one structure fire, 10 medical assists, five natural cover fires, four motor vehicle accidents, one water rescue, four dispatched and cancelled in route, one electrical arcing and two good intent calls.
Of these calls, there were seven overlapping calls, for 25 percent of the time. The time spent on these calls was 59 hours and 40 minutes. This does not include the travel time back to the station, cleanup, or putting the equipment back in service.
Financial Report
The reconciled deposits for April reflect $105, of which all was from permit fees. There was a deposit made Thursday, May 2, that will be reported in the May financial information.
The district received a direct deposit of $12,222.45 from Miller County. The district also received a refund from Morgan County, from the April election, in the amount of $471.13.
The board approved a request by Hurtubise to renew two CDs for one year, that are coming due Saturday, June 1.
Workers Comp Insurance
In an effort to clear up confusion, it was reported that in April Hurtibise reported a claim with Travelers Insurance had been closed. Nowhere did he report the amount was a settlement. It was reported the amount was for the claim as a whole including the claim amount, medical amount, and the expenses paid out.
The district also received the audit results from Travelers Insurance. According to Hurtibise, it appears they had applied an incorrect dollar amount to the volunteers. Hurtibise reported that he was working to correct that amount.
Hurtubise reported the district received $1,272.50 for new permits in April and there was a total of 56 inspections completed.
The board went into closed session to discuss possible litigation. No actions or votes were taken.
The next meeting of the Rocky Mount Fire Protection District board is scheduled 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 12 at Station No. 1 in Rocky Mount.