Morgan County Eastern District Commissioner Rodney Schad, reported Wednesday, Sept. 4 during the regular meeting of the Morgan County Commission in Versailles, that the bridge on Old Five, 2.4 miles south of Versailles, will be closed indefinitely.  
Repairs will be done to the bridge if possible; otherwise the situation will require a complete replacement. It is estimated the bridge could be closed for up to a year and a half. The cost of bridge repair or replacement is estimated at $400,000.
“It initially appears that repairs will be too expensive,” said Schad. “This time, it’s the main substructure that needs repair.” Past repairs to the bridge were made to angle braces. Schad is contacting an engineer to provide analysis, but he said the likelihood of repairs being feasible is “slim to none.” 
Statewide funding is closed through the Off-system Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (BRO), which uses federal transportation funds to repair bridges throughout Missouri. The county has applied for reinstatement of BRO funds as a standing request.  
In the meantime, those living south of the bridge will need to use alternative routes, including Alum Springs Road, Indigo Road, and Route TT. Detours may be in place for up to a year and a half. 
In other business, attorney Ken McCutcheon spoke on behalf of two landowners about the vacation of a road and an easement.
Cynthia Miller, the owner of Lot 17 in Mill Creek Subdivision was petitioning to vacate part of Loop Road. The commission approved the action.
Jackie Moats, the owner of Lot 20 in Blue Waters Subdivision, was petitioning to vacate an easement. The commission approved the action.
County resident Paul Fischer spoke about concerns he has with Seals Road and Panorama Road. His said he is concerned about keeping the roads maintained.  He said he understands this has been a “rough year because of rain” but the maintenance was an “ongoing problem.” 
The Morgan County Commission Tuesday, Aug. 27 approved the Morgan County Code of Ethics.
Presiding Commissioner Tony Stephens asked for a motion to approve the AT&T proposal that will switch the remaining communication lines from copper to fiber. The motion was approved.
Dispatch supervisor Jessica Geier spoke about the differences in two different CAD systems for dispatch. 
In a closed session meeting, personnel issues were discussed, but no action was taken.
The next meeting of the Morgan County Commission is scheduled 10 a.m. Monday, Sept. 16.