ministrator Shawn Brantley, in the Wednesday, June 8 health center board meeting in Versailles, reported COVID cases in the county are “increasing slightly” but vaccination rates are “staying pretty steady.” Vaccination numbers go up if health center staff administer them at any of the nursing homes in the area. “Most are still boosters,” Brantley said. “Things at the health center are slowly getting back to pre-COVID normal.”
Fee Changes
Brantley presented a current list of fees with three proposed changes: Hepatitis A immunizations will increase from $50 to $70; Tuberculosis (TB) skin test will increase from $10 to $15; and wound care will be $25 for the first visit, $10 for subsequent visits.
The board approved removing the $50 fee for renewing an operating permit under the sewage ordinance. The sewage ordinance will need to be amended to make this official. Shawn will have the amendment prepared for the July meeting.
Leave policy
Beginning July 1, previously accrued leave will be combined into paid time off, and any earned leave over the cap will be bought out.
Leave is credited to employees at the beginning of each month. For those employed at the health center up to 10 years the rate is 16 hours per month; 10 to 14 years, 20 hours; and 15 or more years, 24 hours.
Facility Remodeling Update
Brantley reported Dugan’s and the construction crew are “making progress.” The construction crew does not finish drywall or paint. Brantley received a bid from Goetze Brothers in Stover for replacing the carpet in the nursing wing for $7,200. Installation will take place July 11, 12, and 13.
Gracie Hamrick is working on a community assessment. When that is completed, health center staff and board members will use the information to do strategic planning.
Brantley and Assistant Administrator Stefanie Pryor participated in the DHSS virtual statewide meeting.
Evers and Company were on site May 24 to conduct the audit of FY2021.
Brantley recently completed an audit for MOPERM regarding workers compensation coverage.
The balance in the health center’s bank accounts as of May 31 was $466,788.77.
May Report of Services
In the May report of services, eight food permits were issued. There were 17 inspections conducted. There were five sewage permits approved and four water samples taken. The clinic dealt with two recall notices.
Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) saw 391 active clients, with 442 benefits issued. There were 31 re-certifications, 120 for nutrition education, and 31 clients terminated from the program. There were 15 new clients.
Special health care had a case load of 51 with three new referrals.
Three car seat checks and one crib check were conducted.
One client completed a smoking cessation class.
There were five CPR classes conducted with seven clients.
There were 18 families participating in the diaper program.
Immunizations saw 63 clients with 130 shots administered.
There were 61 COVID vaccines administered.
Communicable disease investigation statistics include 15 COVID, two STEC E. Coli, two Hepatitis C, two Chlamydia, one gonorrhea, two campylobacter, one influenza A, two animal bites, four Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and four erlichia.
There were four sexually transmitted disease tests and one STD treatment administered.
The center provided the following public health services in April: one blood pressure, 15 PPD, seven pregnancy tests, seven injections, 44 lab draws, two lead screens, one hemoglobin, two nurse visits, two dressing changes, 76 birth certificates, and 137 death certificates.
In outreach, Stefanie Pryor attended the following meetings: Sustainable Sidewalks for Stover, Powerhouse Ministries Consortium, Preferred Family Health, Kids Harbor and Citizens Against Domestic Violence.
Next meeting
The next health center board meeting is scheduled 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 13 at the health center in Versailles.