by Becky Holloway

Tipton Times

The Mid-Mo Ambulance District Board of Directors studied options for renewal of employee health insurance Wednesday, Nov. 8, with increases ranging from 4.9 to 8.2 percent. Ultimately, the board settled on renewing with a plan closest to the current insurance provided employees.
Ronnie Staggs of the Wallstreet Group, Jefferson City, discussed the various options with the directors and included several options for comparison. One of those was a self-insurance plan with Anthem that comes with a premium nearly 85 percent higher than what the district currently pays.
Staggs said the current plan with a $2,500 deductible will not be available in Missouri next year. The closest renewal plan, which the board chose, raises the annual deductible by $500 for an individual and $1,000 on the family plan, but lowers the out-of-pocket maximum by $500 and offers lower copays for doctor and specialist visits by $5, to $35 and $75. Prescription costs remain the same.
The district’s monthly premium increases from $18,143 to $19,622.
Regarding the Health Reimbursement Accounts for employees, the board voted to leave that at the current $1,500. The employees can use the accounts to help meet their deductible and healthcare expenses.
The board voted to amended the budget for fiscal year 2022-23 due to an error discovered in the estimated expenses in the new year. The difference of $50,000 dropped reserve funds anticipated to $601,656.47.
Unit 4 was available for board members to review. Administrator Lee Kempf said the ambulance was the only one in the fleet that did not have emergency chevrons on the back doors. So, when he took it in to have the chevrons added, he made slight changes to the design. With the board’s approval, all future ambulances will have the new design.
A bid from Mid Mo Telcom & Security, Jefferson City, for the new phone system for the district office was approved. The bid, in the amount of $3,882, is for four phones and the installation of new lines.
The board set the cost of living raises at 8.5 percent, just under the Social Security COLA of 8.7 percent. Employees will receive their COLA raises in their Dec. 16 checks. Kempf said the overall cost will not be more than $100,000.
October run statistics were reported as follows: Tipton, 64 calls and 42 transports for a transport rate of 80.8 percent; California, 90 calls and 51 transports for a transport rate of 66.2 percent; and Versailles, 185 calls and 114 transports for a transport rate of 78.1 percent. Districtwide, crews responded to a total of 339 calls and made 207 transports, for an overall transport rate of 75.3 percent on patient contact calls.
The annual Christmas dinner will is scheduled Friday, Dec. 16, at the Farmers and Sportsmen’s Club.
The board’s next meeting is scheduled 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 14 at the base in Tipton.