by Becky Holloway The Tipton Times
Replacing the district’s top two administrative employees upon their retirement was a main topic of discussion during last week’s meeting of the Mid-Mo Ambulance District Board. The board met Wednesday, Oct. 12, at the district office in Tipton. Another major topic was building a new base at Tipton.
Administrator Lee Kempf led discussion about long term goals and making those transitions as he and Brenda West, district secretary, approach retirement in the next few years.
Kempf said he and West have discussed establishing a flow chart of responsibilities, making adjustments in duties in the current tiers, and outsourcing the district’s billing. He said he would prefer to keep the administrator’s position the only salaried position. The other supervisor or department heads would be required to work on the ambulances.
Discussion occurred about filling the administrator’s and supervisory positions from within if eligible employees desire to move up, or hiring from outside. The board unanimously agreed the administrator’s position should be filled by someone experienced in emergency medical services.
Kempf will begin working on an outline for the new managerial positions for presentation to the board in the near future.
Discussion then turned to West’s position. Kempf said the billing could possibly be outsourced, freeing up her time substantially. So, perhaps the district could keep her part time if she so chooses. Whether the billing is outsourced or the district continues to do it in house, Kempf said he feels West’s assistance will be needed to make sure those transitions go smoothly. She indicated she would like to stay on part time if possible. More information will be available soon, so plans that would be best for the district moving forward can be finalized.
New Tipton Base?
The administrator then discussed the long-range goal of building a new base at Tipton and possibly renovating the existing district office and enlarging the training center. Kempf said there needs to be better separation between the office and base. His concern, however, is sufficient parking space for large classes and staff meetings.
The board discussed ideal locations for the base, with three potential properties being identified. Two are along Highway 50 and the other on Highway 5 South.
Kempf said his goal is to have a building constructed in 2024. The board agreed and authorized him to begin looking for property.
In other business, Kempf presented a spreadsheet showing income and expenses for standbys at Ozarks International Raceway from November 2021 through September 2022. The analysis for the contractual service showed, at a rate of $125 per hour, the district billed the raceway $37,093.75. Employee expenses totaled $19,250, resulting in income of $17,843.11.
Kempf worked several shifts at the track and his salary was not charged as part of the service, so the profit would have been several thousand dollars less had he not been available. He suggested the standby fee may need to be raised and discussed some changes in staffing locations when the base is built at the track for the standby crew.
The motor went out on the district’s Unit 6, one of the early remounted ambulances. Kempf does not advise remounting the box again due to the stress on an ambulance of its age, in addition to the long wait time for a chassis. Instead, he made the decision to put a new GM motor in the vehicle at a cost of around $34,000. Garber Motors at Versailles will do the work when the new engine arrives.
Amended Budget Approved
The amended budget for 2022-23 was approved, showing the adjusted ending balance for fiscal year 2021-22. The balance for the year ending Sept. 30 was $1,118,656.47, making total projected funds for the new year of $4,898,656.47. Reserve funds at the end of 2022-23 are projected at $651,656.47.
Run Statistics
Run statistics for September and fiscal year 2021-22 were reported. In September, Tipton ran 74 calls with 47 transports, California had 81 calls and 45 transports, and Versailles ran 209 calls with 133 transports. Total calls district-wide for the month were a record 364 with 225 transports, for a transport rate on patient contact calls of 75.8 percent.
The district also set a record for the year just ended with a total of 4,449 calls and 2,785 transports, for a transport rate on patient contact calls of 75.6 percent. Tipton ran 814 calls last year with 507 transports, California had 995 calls and 632 transports, and Versailles ran 2,640 calls with 1,646 transports.
The board’s next meeting is scheduled 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, at the district office in Tipton.