by Becky Holloway
The Mid-Mo Ambulance District Board reviewed the list of individual accounts deemed uncollectible during its meeting Tuesday, June 14, and voted to write them off.
The action does not mean late payments cannot still be accepted and applied to the amounts, such as with the case of those accounts in litigation following a motor vehicle crash or on deceased persons for whom estates are opened in probate court.
Writeoffs by the board totaled $41,121.90, which includes $20,322.58 for services to patients who have since died, and $250 in a bankruptcy case. The office wrote off smaller amounts totaling $1,809.25.
Administrator Lee Kempf said more private insurance companies are not covering supplies used on patient transports, as many of the policies taken out through the exchanges specify ambulance service claims are all inclusive in the base rate. “The base rate may need to be raised again to offset this loss in reimbursement,” he said.
Kempf reported the last races for a couple of months at Ozarks International Raceway in Gravois Mills will be the weekend of June 24. He asked the office to provide a breakdown of costs and receipts on standby services at the racetrack.
The latest EMT class of 10 students is nearing completion.
During the review of bills and payroll, Kempf pointed out that the remounted Unit 1 has been paid for at a cost of $130,653 and should be here this week. In addition to the rising cost of fuel, he also noted the rising cost of DEF, the additive to diesel fuel.
May run statistics were presented as follows: Tipton, 81 calls with 47 transports; California, 86 calls with 58 transports; and Versailles, 216 calls with 137 transports. Total calls district-wide were 383 with 242 transports for a transport rate on patient contact calls of 77.1 percent. The daily average for May was 12.35 runs per day by four ambulances in service.
“We are transporting patients which means a lot of out-of-service time,” Kempf noted. “We were at status 0 [all units responding to calls at the same time] four times just on Saturday.”
The administrator said he would like to place another ambulance in service at Barnett, as planned. However, the lack of staffing prevents that at the present time.