The Little Rascals Clover Kids met 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 13 at the Assembly of God Church in Versailles. Nine members answered the roll call, “What was the most fun at the fair?”
The recent county fair and the club’s participation was reviewed. All 10 members had exhibits at the fair. The club’s decorated hay bale won first place and received a $20 prize. Members voted to donated their prize to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia.
The group discussed topics in the books, “Exploring 4-H” and “Cloverbud Coloring Book.” Organizational facts and opportunities were presented.
For the Aug. 3 meeting, members were given a bone-shaped cookie cutter and asked to make a recipe of dog treats. Club members will be visiting animal shelters to share the treats and toys members made. 4-H photos will also be shared to complete the member’s board displays.
The meeting was adjourned to refreshments.