by Stacey Embry,
Morgan County Library
New Year
As soon as Christmas is over, the new year comments arrive all with the same basic sentiment, “2018 was rough, excited for 2019.” Hmmm, I have some thoughts on that. I know I have shared them with you before, but guess what? I am sharing them again.
The last two months of 2018 we have been short staffed. I have worked every Saturday, except one, during the month of December. I have been working on a laptop outside of my office so that I can help with basic circulation needs. I am starting this Bookworm, knowing I have to leave in 20 minutes to go to my first therapy session for my “frozen shoulder.”
The last few days I have been working on a training manual for my two new employees who will be starting the first of the year. I need to work on my order form for January, I have the cart created. I usually turn in orders the first week of the month. I need to do evaluations of my staff, again before the end of the year. I need to create a new Power Point for our digital signage TV. Yes, you guessed it, before the end of the year.
I have things on my to-do list, that I can’t even decipher. For example, “lost files.” What does that even mean? Oh yeah, I remember, a couple of weeks ago I deleted all the files on my computer, all of them. Thank God, for back-up and my IT buddy, Eric. We were able to recover everything but a few, you guessed it, “lost files.” So yes, 2018 was rough, and I have only talked about the last two months.
A few short years back, I made fun of people complaining about the year they had experienced. Well, I got it, karma, I really do. Some years are exceptional and I will never forget that. Please back off, karma, I promise you, I really, really, really get it. Some awesome things happened this year, PLA conference in Philadelphia for one. Not only did I visit some cool breweries, but I came home with some great ideas for the library (insert winky face). In June, I had a blast with my fellow Missouri Library Directors. We went to a Cardinals game and I visited my first MPLD hospitality room. That week was great, but I knew something was wrong. I had known something was wrong since February. June 14th followed that week, then the next four months were a blur. The notes I had from PLA went into a “more” folder. Events that were scheduled, were canceled. Our strategic planning was put on hold. But we survived and, yes, in more ways than one.
Yep, I get the whole “this year was rough” thing, but this rough year has taught me some valuable lessons. Each day is a gift. Making the bed isn’t necessary. I have an amazing community. Long hair, well hair in general, is overrated. My family is my everything. Most importantly, things could have been worse. So instead of saying 2018 was rough, I look at it as the year my life was saved.
I am looking forward to 2019. I am excited to welcome our two new employees Lauren Wood and Kate Hartnett. (I really need to get that training manual finished!) Someday soon I will get back to my office, but right now I am just so blessed to be here. Our 2019 calendar has our new plans on it: read-ins, computer classes (lead by expert volunteers), board game Saturdays, book discussions during the day, and many more things to be announced. Be sure to come pick up a calendar or follow our Facebook page.
Yes, let’s hope 2019 is great, but we can also look back fondly on 2018. No need to bash a year for a few tough moments, it is all about perspective. The year 2018 might have tried to kill me, but it also saved me. Perspective, people. Count your blessings, not your hardships.
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