by Stacey Embry,
Morgan County Library
Support Group
I am finally back in my office writing the Bookworm. In 2018, I wrote quite a few Bookworm articles on a laptop, either while I was at home during treatment or when I was covering the front desk because we were short staffed. It is nice to have my office back, but it is also a little lonely. I might have to go hang out with the rest of the staff periodically, I will act like I am shelving or maybe make some copies or something. They will never know how much I miss them, all the way back here in my lonely old office, less than 20 feet behind them.
Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like alone time, but not too much. Let’s be honest, not too much alone, not too much together, it is all about balance. I don’t claim to be an introvert or an extrovert, I like to bounce back and forth with more time spent on the introvert side. Example: My husband and I go out every Friday night with our friends. I look forward to this, but Saturday night is usually just us, and Sunday afternoon is mine, mine all alone. As much as I treasure my alone time, where I can read my book, watch whatever I want on TV, or just enjoy a nap without any judgment, I could not spend my life without some interaction; someone to share experiences with makes life special.
Recently a friend and I decided to attend a cancer support group in Jefferson City. We are both cancer warriors and both of us are excited to start a support group in Versailles. There are a lot of us in the county and an hour drive is not the best for most of us. Yes, I can drive to faraway places; but, no, I do not like coming home well after my bedtime. Attending an established support group seemed like a first step in the right direction. No one was there. Yep, no one, as in not even a leader. We found people in another part of the building helping a gentleman who, like us, was hoping to attend the support group for the first time. We spent some time visiting with him. He had previously attended another support group and shared some ideas with us. We also discussed our cancers. He and I both have fought Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, my friend is currently battling renal cell carcinoma. He gave her the ugly, sad face and the “oh, no” reaction. Yep, a person who has been down this road committed one of the unwritten rules of having cancer, “give no negativity.” Now we know, we need some basic rules for our group. No meeting was attended, but our time was not wasted.
We continued our own two person support group at Panera. We were reminded of why a support group is so important. As I mentioned before, I enjoy some alone time, but not always. I also said that someone to share experiences with makes life special. Well, there are times that someone to share the experience with is vital to survival. We laughed, we had some wet eyes, but we never really cried. We support each other, we visit when we have questions or concerns, we visit when we know our love ones need a break. The development of our support group is vital; no one should be alone.
Yes, I enjoy my naps in my recliner, but I enjoy them more if my husband is right beside me, napping in his recliner. I need my office when I am doing important library things, but I need my staff members to be close, not only to help me in running the library, but to just enjoy their companionship, they are pretty cool people. Sometimes during my battle, I needed to be alone, but I needed someone who understood and supported me even more.
Please help us. Email me or call me with ideas. Spread the word. Attend our first meeting 6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 28. If you are currently in the battle, if you have won the battle, if someone you know is fighting, we invite all of you.
For more information, visit the Morgan County Library at 600 N. Hunter, call 573-378-5319 or see the library’s Web site at Library hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.