Dear Editor,
I would like to make a few remarks about our Capitol and patriotism.

The U.S. Capitol building was built in 1800. That makes her 220 years old. The Capitol building serves our country as both a museum for our country’s historic treasures, and the factory of our democracy.

It is an architectural treasure for you and every other citizen. Everyone from world leaders to school children marvel at its significance and beauty. It is a monument to the ideals and hopes of all who have given their lives to craft our freedom and this great country.

It is our stage and our showplace of American values. The hearts of all those who were killed, wounded and served in our wars still beat in that building. It is their gift to you. Never take it for granted. The Capitol building is to be revered; else we forfeit the dreams and blood of those who actually paid for it.

No one has the right to rape, trash, and destroy the embodiment of our dreams. There is no excuse for what happened to our Capitol. Many of these people claim to be patriots. However, I saw no patriotism in any of it. Many of them do not even know which flag represents the United States. What I saw was selfish brutal arrogance, threats, rampaging violence and murder. These events threaten all of us and our free way of life. The people who vandalized our Capitol, smeared turd on the polished stone walls, smashed in the head of a police officer with a fire extinguisher, brought bombs, weapons and napalm. They are not concerned with your protection or representation. The only thing that mob offers is anarchy, destruction and the confiscation of your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If they loved the United States they would show respect for our traditions, values and property. I have faith that these people who have infatuated themselves with the idea that they are some sort of weird protector class for the country will have time, while they are in jail, to clear their heads and accept the reality of their delusions.

The United States of America has a 245-year-old constitutional democracy and a vast silent army of true patriots who oppose an un-civil war.

Like every generation before and after us, there are a lot of problems to sort out. There are no solutions to be found in taking extreme positions.

Patriots understand that country is more important than party brand.

Despite our personal beliefs on any political matter, we all know that the art of democracy is compromise. As citizens, we must be able to move to the center, compromise, and solve problems. No one gets everything they want. A democracy is a mosh pit of imperfections. Get involved in the process and show respect for the rules, because they are the machinery of the freedom you love.

It may be helpful to remember your voice is one of 330 million voices and none of us have the right to force political views on others without the consent of the majority. Government is not about any one of us it is about all of us. Do not expect perfection unless you crave disappointment.

Our system of government is complicated, exasperating, aggravating, slow, cumbersome and disorderly, but it is the best thing we have. The truth is that we all have it really good compared to most people on this planet. So if you do not like something, behave like a true Patriotic American, communicate with your representative, and register to vote because that is as good as it gets.

Winston Churchill once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others.”

Tom Andreas