From Our Readers

Dear Editor,
I want to emphasize to the people of Morgan County how fortunate we are having two wonderful Missouri Conservation Agents. I note on the MDC website that many counties’ positions are vacant. Both Kurt Heisler and Matt Smith have always been professional and available for the people of the our county.
Today, I called for help with a fawn caught in my fence. It was lying on hot concrete and locked in a hopeless struggle to free itself. I could not help it, and my presence made it struggle all the more and use up its remaining energy. It was gut-wrenching for me to watch.
Matt and a partner came and freed the fawn with gentle hands and planned to take it to a wildlife rehab. They treated me with courtesy and did not once hint that I was a hysterical or over-emotional female.
I don’t know the final outcome for this little guy, but I think he was given a shot at surviving. Thank you, Matt, for your help.
Marsha Baumgartner