Dear Editor,
Just read in the Versailles Leader-Statesman that the Morgan County Health Center is giving away disposable face masks. This is great for the folks that want to wear them. I do have one problem with them though. For you folks that do use a face mask, please when you are done with them and need to throw them out, use some common sense.
When you are done with them, put them in a zip lock bag before putting them in the waste can. Think of the poor worker that has to empty the waste can. Are you thinking of his or her health safety? Or how about you folks that just throw them in the business parking lot? Are you thinking of that poor employee that has to pick up your contaminated face mask?
Washing hands is also recommended for a healthy lifestyle; not just for this new virus going around, but for other reasons. After you have washed your hands, do you make sure the paper towel goes into the waste can or do you just leave it on the floor after you missed the trashcan? Here again, you are taking a chance of passing on to the poor employee an illness. He or she has to pick up your contaminated paper towel that you were too lazy to bend down and pick up and put into the right place.
So, let’s all do our duty, and protect all people from getting sick of any illness that can be transmitted through dirty face masks or paper towels. After we are finished with these items, let’s put them where they belong, in the waste can. If it is a face mask, put it in a plastic bag before putting it into the waste can.
A business owner that has to clean up after you because you did not do your duty,

Norman N. Kilmer