The Laurie Municipal Court heard the following cases from Oct. 29 – Nov. 25, 2019:
Angie Dawn Blakley, April 8, failure to register vehicle, $35.50 costs, $350 fine.
Jesse James Dilley, Aug. 25, operating a vehicle on Highway without a valid or no license, $35.50 costs, $150 fine.
Kenyon P. Dubois, June 9, failed to register vehicle, $35.50 costs, $75 fine.
Kenyon Page Dubois, May 18, operating vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility, $35.50 costs, $125 fine.
Hailey N. Newman, May 30, defective equipment, $35.50 costs, $225 fine.
Mary J. Porr, July 5, failed to register vehicle, imposition of sentence is suspended, one year probation, $35.50 costs.
William G. Riley, Jr., Aug. 3, failed to register vehicle, $35.50 costs, $150 fine.
William G. Riley, Jr., Aug 3, drinking alcoholic beverage while operating moving vehicle, $35.50 costs, $75 fine.
Ross A. West, May 21, peace disturbance, $35.50 fine, $100 fine.
Kala M. Williams, Sept. 5, driver of motor vehicle failed to wear properly adjusted or fastened safety belt, $35.50 costs, $10 fine.