Laurie Aldermen Karen Dobbins and Pam Folker
by Vicki Wood
Tuesday, July 13 was interim city clerk and consultant Jeff Hancock’s last night working with the Laurie Board of Aldermen. Hancock represents Management Partners, a national company that provides consultation services to city governments.
The city of Laurie hired Hancock in April to guide the board into the hiring of a new city clerk and rectify some loose ends from the former clerk. One such item was the handling of state sales tax, which the board found a quarterly sales tax distribution was incomplete.
The June 2021 sales tax distribution amount is $36,927.94 which is down, compared to the 2020 amount of $54,929.20. The city public transportation distribution was $17,789.24, down from the June 2020 amount of $27,220.81. City Capital Improvements tax distribution was $18,464.05, down from the 2020 amount of $27,464.68.
Laurie Resident Timothy Faber was appointed to the planning and zoning committee by Mayor Allen Kimberling.
City Clerk Cathy Daniels was added to the city accounts for check writing capability, and former City Clerk Denise Pozniak was removed from those accounts.
Two new merchant licenses were received in June, Ozark Stone Yard and MacDaddy’s. The board has approved MacDaddy’s business license, but issuance comes when MacDaddy’s delivers a state liquor license and photo registration card.
A parks department report was given by director Donna Batliner, showing a $10,000 grant is available for trimming of trees at the Laurie City Park.
She also reported 14 teams have registered for the Hillbilly BBQ Cook-off, with an additional number of eight competitors in the children’s division.
The July Laurie Beautification Award was presented to Lake Buy Realty/Nancy Rogers.
The water department and public works supervisors reported the continued need for new water meters. They got approval from the board of aldermen for the purchase of 100 meters at $60,000. The total for a complete system replacement would run $170,000. Alderman Jeff Chorpening voted “no,” explaining he did not feel that the available funds were enough to draw for the project, rather than waiting for the state stimulus funds disbursement.
The engineering firm of Bartlett & West report showed Project Engineer Kyle Landwehr has coordinated with the city and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources(DNR) on closing out plans for the O Road water line project and partial reimbursement request from DNR. He reports the project is under budget on task orders from the city.
The city accounts have a balance of $1,881,937.08.