Morgan County Heath Center Administrator Shawn Brantley, in the Wednesday, July 13 health center board meeting in Versailles, presented the 2021 audit report by Evers & Company, CPAs.
The general overall audit was healthy, but, because of the limited size of the health center staff, auditors indicated a couple of deficiencies: “The size of the center’s accounting and administrative staff precludes certain internal controls that would be preferred if the office staff were large enough to provide optimum segregation of duties.” This will likely continue to be a reality.
A second notice of deficiency was similar, in that the center’s financial statements are not prepared “in house.”
The auditors reported the health center’s financial statements are “neutral, consistent, and clear” and they encountered no significant difficulties during the audit.
The balance in the health center’s bank accounts as of June 30 was $544,887.83.
Miscellaneous Updates
Brantley reported COVID cases in the county are “steadily increasing” and the vaccination rate is decreasing, with most being boosters.
Brantley said he has been working on reports for contracts that expired at the end of June.
Assistant administration Stefanie Pryor presented information about a planned “Home Street Home” exhibit coming the library soon.
Building improvements are progressing: sheet-rock bids are pending; one $4,500 painting bid was submitted by Larry Meyer; flooring in the WIC offices has been replaced; and the nurses wing is waiting for carpet.
An amendment to the sewer ordinance was approved that will remove a $50 operating renewal fee.
June Report of Services
In the June report of services, six food permits were issued. There were 23 inspections conducted. There were 12 sewage permits approved and one sewage complaint. Nine water samples were taken.
Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) saw 412 active clients, with 500 benefits issued. There were 46 re-certifications, 180 for nutrition education, and 34 clients terminated from the program. There were 24 new clients.
Special health care had a case load of 53.
Two car seats were distributed and one car-seat check conducted.
There were seven CPR classes conducted with 15 clients.
There were 29 families participating in the diaper program, with 1,550 diapers distributed.
A Hug-A-Lot children’s health promotion had one class with 10 participants. Good Shepherd Learning Center had one class with 26 participants.
Immunizations saw 45 clients with 105 shots administered.
There were 42 COVID vaccines administered, including 16 at a shot clinic at Golden Age Living Center in Stover. Communicable disease investigation statistics include 113 COVID, one STEC E. Coli, three Chlamydia, two gonorrhea, one Hepatitis B, one varicella, one active tuberculosis, three animal bites, two Rocky Mountain spotted fever, seven erlichia, and two strep pneumonia.
There were seven sexually transmitted disease tests and one Hepatitis C test administered.
The center provided the following public health services in June: one blood pressure, 14 PPD, six pregnancy tests, nine injections, 49 lab draws, one hemoglobin, two nurse visits, two dressing changes, 77 birth certificates, and 114 death certificates.
In outreach, health center staff members attended or participated the following meetings and events in June: Sustainable Sidewalks for Stover; Missouri Council for Activity and Nutrition; Kids Harbor; Citizens Against Domestic Violence; painting “Shared Path” markings on streets; Bike Rodeo at Versailles City Park.
Next meeting
The next health center board meeting is scheduled 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10 at the health center in Versailles.