by Janet Dabbs
Food for Morgan County is organizing their inaugural “Churchwide Challenge for Fighting Hunger” in January. The non-perishable food drive will began Tuesday, Jan. 1 and continutes through Thursday, Jan. 31
Churches that would like to participate are requested to collect and store non-perishable food items at their church in January. Food for Morgan County volunteers will pick up the food at the end of the month, or sooner if needed.
The amount of food collected will be counted and weighed so that donated totals can be announced. Churches are also asked to consider taking up a monetary collection for the pantry at the same time to cover pantry expenses.
Suggested non-perishable food items include meals in a can (stew, chili, soup); tuna, chicken, ham, and other canned meat; low-sugar cereals; 100-percent fruit juices in single serving boxes or canned; beans; fruit packed in juice; ravioli; tomatoes and low-sodium vegetables; mayonnaise; pancake syrup; instant mashed potatoes; Jell-O®, macaroni and cheese; pasta and sauce; peanut butter; and boxed dinners.
Food for Morgan County assisted 5,907 households, equaling 16,366 individuals in 2018. This number is an inflated count because 60 percent of the participants received food from the food pantry more than once. The pantry assists an average of 492 households and 1,364 individuals every month.
They assisted a record number of 600 households in December 2018, compared to 275 households in June 2017. Recipients receive food based on their current need, not income.
Food for Morgan County Director Linda Langergren challenges the community, “Let’s see what God can do through us together” with this fundraiser. For additional information call Langergren at 573-789-7473.