A recently formed group, “100 Empowered Women of Versailles” will soon be bringing a new “splash pad” to the Versailles City Park. The plans were announced Tuesday, Sept. 10 during the regular meeting of the Versailles City Council.
The splash pad will feature six fountains and will allow children (of all ages) to play in the cooling water of fountains and features. The project is the first one adopted by the women’s group and is slated to begin construction and installation sometime next month.
The Versailles Park Board supports the project and has suggested installing colored lighting to enhance the splash pad at night.
The 100 Empowered Women of Versailles group currently has 24 members and is open to all ages. The annual membership dues are $500. Members meet once a year to vote on a project to implement. The dues money pays for the project. This year, Versailles Community Betterment also contributed.
In other business, the council approved the expenditure of $3,390 for the installation of a new 12x12 garage door with windows for the city fire station. The money was already available in the department’s budget. The new concrete pad in front of the fire station will now be sealed to provide protection from ice and freeze/thaw conditions.
A new flagpole is being considered to replace the one currently at City Hall. Because the old one is steel, it has to be regularly painted and the cables and/or ropes used to hoist the flags continually beat on the pole, eventually damaging the paint. An aluminum pole with internal cables is being considered. A 40-foot pole would cost approximately $3,500 to $4,000.
Another pole, twice as tall and designed to hold a much larger flag, was suggested for installation at the intersection of highways 5 and 52. Cost would be about $9,000 for the pole and $800 for a 20x30 flag. No action was taken on the flag poles. 
Another suggestion for the same intersection was the planting of hardy apple trees, through a contract with a nursery for care and maintenance of the trees. The trees could then be “sold” to sponsors or planted “in memory.”
The city council considered some alternative health insurance plans (at lower deductibles and higher premiums); but ultimately preferred to continue paying 100 percent of city employees’ insurance with the current provider. The rate actually went down slightly for 2020 from $599.38 per month, per employee, to $598.04. The city has 29 employees on the plan.

Council Briefs
– Stucco work has begun on the police station.
– The police department has a new patrol car on the road and one that was damaged has been repaired.
– A manhole damaged Aug. 31 when a vehicle ran off the road and hit it, will likely be repaired through an insurance claim.
– 1,500 gallons of fuel were purchased for the airport.
– DNR will inspect the wastewater treatment plant by Oct. 1.
– The city’s Bobcat has been repaired at a cost of $10,400.
– The city paid $146,220.79 in bills this past month.
City to Flush Hydrants
The public works department plans to flush fire hydrants next week, Sept. 16-20. Residents are asked to use caution when doing laundry, as sediment may be stirred up in water lines because of the flushing action.
Brush Collection Deadline
City workers will be collecting yard waste and brush the last full week of this month (Sept. 23 through Sept. 27). No brush will be collected following Sept. 27 until after Apple Festival (Oct. 5-6). Residents are asked not to place brush out for collection between Sept. 27 and Oct. 6 to keep the city looking its best for Apple Festival visitors.
The next meeting of the City Council is scheduled 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8 at City Hall.