Dina Dunklee takes her oath of office, administered by City Clerk Libby Webb, Tuesday, July 13 as the new North Ward Alderperson at City Hall in Versailles. Dunkee was appointed after the resignation of Donnie Hibdon.
(photo by Bryan E. Jones)

After the resignation of North Ward Alderman Donnie Hibdon was accepted by the Versailles City Council Tuesday, July 13, Dina Dunklee was sworn in to serve the remainder of his term, through the April 2022 municipal election.
Hibdon resigned his post because he no longer has a residence within the Versailles city limits (as required by city ordinance to serve on the council) and has moved to a home in the Gravois Mills area. Protocol allows the mayor to appoint a replacement to serve any unfinished term. Dunklee is employed as executive director of the Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce.
Bike Paths
Stefanie Pryor, assistant administrator at the Morgan County Health Center, reported to the city council an Active Living Community grant for $10,000 will be used to mark shared bike paths in the city. Stencils and paint will be used to identify routes. Highway thermal plastic paint and signs will be purchased for the project. Paint, due to supply and shipping issues, is approximately four weeks out. Public education and awareness information will be made available once the paths are marked, reminding drivers and bicycle riders of the importance of safety and proper use of the paths.
Asphalt Work, Dogs Loose
Superintendent of Public Works Charles Hibdon reported Capital Asphalt will begin work soon on a 2-inch overlay on DeKalb and Jefferson streets. Patching will take place on Brown Road.
He also reported an unexplained increase in the number of dogs at large in the city of late and encourages dog owners to keep pets fenced or leashed.
Permit Fee Increase
The council approved an ordinance doubling the site approval permit fees for residential buildings (to $50), commercial construction ($200), manufacturing ($300), and fencing/non-permanent structures ($25).
Fencing Restrictions
An ordinance restricting fencing was approved. The ordinance limits fence height to 6 feet, from the side to rear of a residence and to 42 inches if in front of the residence. A fence located within 50 feet of the center point of an intersection is limited to 42 inches in height and must be made of material that can be seen through (to eliminate blind corners for safety purposes).
Council Briefs
– A sound system for city hall chambers was approved at $2,710.16.
– Outdated, but usable, firefighting gear will be donated to the state fire marshal’s office for distribution to departments in need of gear.
– Parking spaces, crosswalks, and handicapped spots will be repainted soon.
– A 2015 Ford Explorer was sold to the highest bidder at $9,100.
– Police salaries were approved, based on a nine-officer department, with the salary for a 10th officer (still in the budget) used to increase pay for current officers.
– Jennifer Zolecki, Becky Sampson, and Devon Pryor were appointed to the Park Board and David Leinbach to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
The next city council meeting is scheduled 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 10 at City Hall in Versailles.