January 6, 1899
Sheriff John F. Gibbs moves into the prosecuting attorney’s apartment, while that official moves himself. Attorney H. M. Washburn will occupy the room vacated by Lawyer Daniels. The room adjoining on the north, heretofore used for storage, is being made available and will afford the prosecuting attorney ample room and convenience.
January 9, 1919
Last Sunday evening, January 5, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kidwell of Hopewell, Miss Florence Kidwell was married to Mr. Ike Wenger of Versailles. Rev. C. H. Harrell, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Versailles, officiated.
Ike Wenger is a son of Louis Wenger, of the prairie, and has recently returned from a soldiers camp, discharged. Before he went to camp, he was a repairman in a garage in Versailles and now that he is discharged from army life and married, he expects to bring his bride to Versailles where they will make their home and Mr. Wenger will resume his work at the garage.
January 5, 1939
Miss Ruth Rees, high school teacher, gave a fine talk on Citizenship at the P.T.A. meeting in the high school auditorium Monday night. Important points stressed were that we must have a desire for democracy and appreciate what we have here as compared with the condition of European people. And if we really want democracy, there must be more intelligent participation in government by the citizens of the country. A citizen should consider both sides of every question and learn to distinguish propaganda from facts.
January 2, 1959
The neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Woolery met at the Glensted Fellowship Hall, Tuesday night, with a bountiful contributed supper and celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.
A side table was also a center of interest. In the center was a beautiful Azalea plant. On one end of the table was a four-tier cake which was decorated with silver drops and tiny rosebuds. The top of the cake held an archway of silver with silver wedding bells at the top and a silver “25” in the center of the archway. The cake was baked and decorated by Mrs. Ervin T. Moon. On the other end of the table was the gift which was wrapped in white and topped with a silver bow and little silver bells.
There were a hundred and fifteen present for the evening.
January 4, 1979
Thirteen cars were involved in the derailment of an eastbound Rock Island train Friday night, Dec. 30. The train derailed just west of the settlement Marvin, about six miles east of Versailles on Highway 52, spilling boxcars over the side of the track and knocking the axles off several of the cars. Workman began clearing the tracks Tuesday.
January 7, 1999
The Morgan County officials were sworn into office on Dec. 31. Present for the ceremony were Treasurer Debbie Hutchison, Collector of Revenue Clark Hunter, Prosecuting Attorney Stephen M. Concannon, Presiding Commissioner Rodney Schad, and Associate Court Judge Pat Scott. Morgan County Circuit Clerk Barbara Barnard and Eastern District Commissioner Bill Arment took their oath of offices under the direction of Morgan County Clerk Donna Chasteen Monday, Jan. 4.