The Morgan County Commission Tuesday, Jan. 7 committed to completing a five-year update to its Hazard Mitigation Plan. The last update to the plan was in 2018 and the current plan will expire in 2023. However, data collection, public engagement, and plan development are time-consuming. The Missouri State Emergency Management Agency plans to begin the process in 2022.
Having a Hazard Mitigation Plan in place allows the county and its agencies access to state and federal emergency funds.
A letter of support was signed by the Morgan County commissioners committing the county to completing the plan update and providing the financial support to match grant funds.

Road Complaint
The commission heard the concerns of Ray Alley on behalf of residents living on Shellady Drive in Morgan County.
Alley reported the gravel spread by county workers is accumulating on one side of the road in the ditch.

“I’m not one of those people who gets up in the air, I just want help getting this road taken care or,” Alley said. “It needs a little more attention. I paid my taxes under protest this time.”
Alley suggested grading a crown in the road, cleaning the ditch, and spreading gravel on top of the crown.

Eastern District Commissioner Rodney Schad said he “will go down and take a look at the road.”
Schad said the road has one of the steepest hills in the county and it’s difficult to keep gravel on it.

Storm Siren Issues
Morgan County Emergency Management Director Bill DiMarsico reported four storm sirens, out of 13 in the county, failed to sound Thursday, Jan. 2 in this month’s test of the siren warning system. The four sirens failing to sound were located in Florence, Stover, Rocky Mount (Camp Sabra), and Gravois Mills (Gravois Commons).

DiMarsico said the sirens were repairable and L&B Electronics of Eldon will be contacted for the repair. He also said he appreciates the input of citizens regarding sirens, pointing out the feedback he receives from one particular Golden Beach resident.

Storm siren tests will be conducted noon the first Thursday of each month except in the case of inclement weather.