The Morgan County Commission Tuesday, Feb. 18, approved a bid for a Certificate of Deposit of $740,528.15. The bids included Bank of Versailles, 12 months at 1.60 percent; Citizens Bank, six months at 1 percent and 12 months 1.30 percent; Community Point Bank, six months at .7 percent and 12 months at 1.75 percent; Concordia Bank, six months at .40 percent and 12 months at .7 percent.
The commission approved the bid for the 12-month Certificate of Deposit with Community Point Bank.
Jessica Geier, director of Morgan County Communications (911 dispatch) spoke about the mapping maintenance contract. She advised Spatial Data Research couldn’t do a contract that locked in a price for five years. Currently, they could authorize two years, but they outsource the service and have to wait to determine how much the price goes up. It was reported the system maintenance usually doesn’t go up more than $40 to $50 per year.
Geier also advised the tentative date for AT&T to switch the 911 lines to fiber is between March 3 and March 5.
The next meeting of the Morgan County Commisison is scheduled 10 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 26 at the courthouse in Versailles.