The Morgan County Commission in their meeting Monday, May 9 at the courthouse in Versailles approved a resignation, a bank bid for a certificate of deposit, and bathroom work at the Justice Center.
The Commission approved the resignation of Mary Moore from the Morgan County SB40 Board.
A bid for a Certificate of Deposit in the amount of $993,220.39 was approved. Bids were as follows: Bank of Versailles 6 month .70% and 12 month 1.00%; Central Bank no bid; Citizens Bank no bid; Community Point Bank 6 month .15% and 12 month .45%; Concordia Bank 6 month .30% and 12 month .50%; and Stover Banking Center no bid. The Commission voted to accept the bid for the 12 month rate of 1.00% with Bank of Versailles.
Ellen Twyman and Wilda Romig spoke on behalf of the City of Syracuse following up on their original request for $50,000 from the ARPA funds Morgan County received. These funds would go toward the installation of infrastructure for broadband internet from Co-Mo Connect for the citizens of Syracuse. They said have several new businesses wanting to come into Syracuse but need high speed internet. Presiding Commissioner Tony Stephens advised them they would be contacting someone with Co-Mo to discuss this further. No action was taken.
In other business, the Commission received two bids to do the flooring in two bathrooms at the Justice Center. A bid from Whittles Flooring LLC for $640.00 was approved.
Brooks Jeffrey contacted the county about handling their website. Along with information presented, examples of several other websites they have done were shown for the Commission to review. Commissioner Ryan Hoffa asked the county clerk to send out an email to all county elected officials so they could review it and provide feedback.
In the Morgan County Commission meeting Wednesday, April 27, Attorney Andrew Hardwick spoke with the Commissioners about vacating a portion of Valley Circle Rd, per the petition filed by Michael Marchesi.
Marchesi owns the ground lying on both sides of this portion of Valley Circle Rd that he has requested the Commission to vacate. Marchesi informs the Commissioners no persons need to use this road as a means of ingress and egress, and that vacation of part of the road would not be detrimental or prejudicial to the general public. No one has appeared interested in why the vacation of this portion of Valley Circle Rd should not be made. The vacation was approved.
In the Morgan County Commission meeting Monday, April 18, the commission approved Robert Schouten to serve on the SB40 Tax Board. He will be replacing Tom Haley and finishing out his term from April 2022 to November 2023.
Terry Lynn, who lives on Timber Ridge Drive off Panarama Road was concerned that Panarama Road only got graded two times last year and is in need of some attention. He is looking for ideas about how to improve the road’s condition. No action taken.
A bid was approved from Stronghold Data for CAD Dispatch computers to complete Phase 1 for $9,620.00.
An annual maintenance contract from H&D Heating & Air Conditioning Sheet Metal was approved for $2,200. This will service the Courthouse and the Justice Center.