The Versailles City Council, after a vote Tuesday, July 14, will allow an ice cream truck, owned by The Ice Cream Factory of Eldon, to be parked 5 p.m. Friday to 10 p.m. Sunday, each weekend through the end of September in the parking spaces immediately in front of 102 E. Jasper (Square Deals) in Versailles.

The owner of The Ice Cream Factory is considering the purchase of Square Deals from Terry and Leslie Mooney, who are shutting the business. Sales at the truck will help gauge volume and demand.

Related to parking spaces, Versailles police chief Chad Hartman proposed changes to the parking in downtown Versailles. He said the changes were necessary because of the narrowness of certain streets and because of heavy traffic and “several incidents and reports of near accidents” as well as consideration of the “safety of our community.”

Streets in the downtown area range in width from 51 feet to 60 feet immediately around the courthouse. “Because of structures along these streets, there isn’t any room to expand the streets to make them any wider,” Hartman said.

He suggested if people were to park differently along the narrower downtown streets with a higher concentration of traffic, a solution could be found. Hartman suggested the following:

+ Parallel parking on both sides of the street on North Monroe from Church Street to Newton Street.
+ Parallel parking on both sides of Newton Street from Krekel to Monroe.
+ Parallel parking on both sides of Monroe Street from Jasper to Washington.
+ Change one side of the street to parallel parking on Jasper from Monroe to Krekel.
+ Change the angle of the remaining angled parking spaces to “increase” the width of the street and provide more visibility when backing.

“I know this will lessen the amount of parking in front of our downtown businesses, but with the city preparing to add 30 to 50 additional parking spaces in the empty lot at Krekel and Newton, along with a sidewalk, that should make up for more than the amount of spaces lost,” Hartman said.

In addition, it was suggested the city place 2-hour parking limits on downtown parallel spaces during business hours to ensure adequate commercial parking.

Hartman also suggested painting all crosswalks in the downtown area to be more uniform and consistent with the National Highway Safety Administration’s guidelines. No action was taken by the council on these proposals.

In other city business, the council approved purchase of a new copy machine from Office Business Equipment in Versailles at a cost of $3,400.

Buller Construction was approved to construct a security wall at City Hall for $3,300. Two teller windows will be installed at a cost of $1,594 each.

Ground source water in the city’s sewer system is an issue being addressed but many residences have floor drains in basements, which tend to back flow. A solution could be expensive.

Portions of Krekel Street torn up to make sewer repairs will be resurfaced soon.

The city’s audit was returned “clean.”

Because the pilot-controlled runway lights at the airport were not working properly, the lights will be set “dusk to dawn” until repaired.

Stormwater ditch work, including culverts and concrete, was given the go-ahead by the council.

Twelve “No Parking on Sidewalk” signs will be purchased and installed in selected locations.

Sixty water meters have been replaced because they were not reading correctly. A total of 150 are slated for replacement.

The next city council meeting is scheduled 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11 at City Hall in Versailles.