Nickels and Sense 3-24-22

Beds and the houses we put them in … My son and daughter-in-law came to our house Saturday to pick up a bed we were giving them. They had been using a “full” size bed, no head board or foot board or frame, just placed on the floor. We’ve all been there. As a matter

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Newspapers in Education 3-17-22

Students in Katrisha Davis’ first grade class at Morgan County R-II South School were asked whey they love springtime. Following are what the students wrote: I love springtime because it is warm and sunny. Our flowers grow pink, yellow, orange, and red. We can be outside longer because the days are longer. I get to

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Pastor’s Pen 3-17-22

by Pastor Blake Tiemann, First Assembly of God – Versailles People have spent untold amounts of money over the years doing makeovers, painting walls, replacing flooring, and cleaning. Spring is on its way, and we will all be outside cleaning our yards, planting flowers, and making repairs that became evident over the winter. All these

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