Nickels and Sense 02-27-20

by Bryan E. Jones, Publisher A sommelier, or wine steward, is a person – way above my social status – who has trained extensively for many years to be able to master the subject and subtleties of all things having to do with wine. It must be noted: all sommeliers are wine connoisseurs, but not

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Capitol Report

by Dist. 58 Rep. David Wood I have received multiple requests to co-sponsor the “Second Amendment Protection Act” which was filed by Rep. Jared Taylor. I haven’t voted against a second amendment bill in the seven years I have been in office and, unless something is added to this bill that would make it objectionable,

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Library Bookworm

by Stacey Embry, Director, Morgan County Library My Staff Round 2 This Bookworm is a continuation of last week, so if you have not read that one, make sure you do. I am sharing the tasks of my staff and basically what a day in the life of a librarian looks like. I have seven

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