New Year/Fresh Start

If you are like many people, the new year means the chance for a fresh start. According to one source I read, here are the top ten New Year’s resolutions.
1) Stay fit and healthy (meaning lose weight and exercise more);
2) Laugh more;
3) Spend less, save more;
4) Spend more time with family and friends;
5) Perform better at job;
6) Improve grades, learn something new such as a foreign language or music;
7) Become more organized, less grumpy, manage time;
8) Spend less time on social media;
9) Volunteer to help others or work part-time for a charitable cause;
10) Pray more, be closer to God.
Not one to promise things I can’t deliver, I prefer to call these New Year’s goals. Somehow, I can think of lots of reasons to NOT keep some of them.
Take the first one, for instance. Do you know how hard it is to exercise in the winter? Why put myself at risk for a bad cold by going outside to run or walk? No, number one will have to wait for another season.
How about laughing more? Know any funny books I can read—or funny people I can hang around? I’m not sure how to go about that one.
Then there is “spend less, save more.” I’ll get right on that, as soon as we pay down some debt.
Number six: I don’t need to learn music; I already know how to read and play it, and I learned a foreign language in high school. I feel better already.
And number seven, “Become more organized, less grumpy, manage time.” After years of trying to keep organized and clutter-free, I’ve decided I’ll be “Mrs. Organized” the day chickens learn to tap dance. But I’m going to keep trying, anyway.
I’m feeling better after reading number eight: spend less time on social media. I already consider social media a waste of time.
Number 10 got my attention. We always win when we spend more time praying and reading God’s Word. Now THAT I can do! How about you?
Here’s hoping your new year is bright.