by Janet Dabbs
Sunrise Beach is approaching its Phase 3 water line extension deadline, the board of alderman discussed at its Tuesday, May 9 meeting.
Shoreline Surveying and Engineering engineer Jared Wheaton reported the progress of the construction.
Wheaton stated that it would take two to three weeks to complete installation of the water lines to Cliff Drive. Next, they will move to Kansas City Way and Shawnee Pass. The last segment will be the Castle Gardens subdivision.
City Planner Roger Corbin said flooding delayed the project at least 10 days, and contractors from St. Robert were unable to work several days due to road closures.
Construction crews were into their 101st day of a 150-day contract to complete water line extension completion. Corbin said if the deadline is missed, it will be an opportunity to negotiate a decrease in costs on the telecommunications part of the contract.
The village was notified that Hutchinson Telecom, the firm contracted to install the meters, has withdrawn its services due to time constraints.
“The project took too long to get the notice to proceed,” said City Clerk Jeni Hamm, “and they have other obligations.”
The board asked Don Maagi, Inc., to submit a bid for that portion of the project. Maagi is a current Phase 3 contractor.
The board discussed the Maagi bid, tabling the decision pending advice from legal counsel. The trustees wanted to be clear about the legality of the change in contractors, since Hutchinson Telecom had signed the project surety and performance bonds.
Public Works employee Brian Scheiter reported the service connections from the new water mains had not yet begun, but Maggi planned to bring in a second crew to speed up the work and meet the deadline.
Scheiter said the data-logging equipment had been installed on the well houses, and they will be online soon.
The board approved a pay request for the Phase 3 water extension from Don Maagi, Inc. for $75,328.43, and a pay request by Shoreline Surveying and Engineering, Inc. for $14,161.25.