Lake Regional Diagnostic and Surgery Center opened its doors Monday, July 10 in Osage Beach. (submitted photo)

Morgan County residents will now have an additional medical option in the area as Lake Regional Diagnostic and Surgery Center opened its doors Monday, July 10 at 1052 Nichols Road across from the Osage Beach Medical Park. The Center will house several outpatient services, including colonoscopy, EGD-upper scopes, flexible sigmoidoscopy, esophageal manometry, esophageal pH monitoring and 24-hour PillCam SB3 studies.
“Opening a new space for outpatient endoscopy creates a convenient environment for our patients to receive these same-day procedures,” said Janny Drover, R.N., nurse manager for Lake Regional Outpatient Services. “Patients receiving care at the Diagnostic and Surgery Center will go directly to the center on the day of their procedure. The center has its own parking and makes drop-off and pick-up easy for patients and their families.”
If patients have questions about whether their procedure will take place in the new center or at the hospital, they should talk to their doctor, Drover said.
“Patients receiving a procedure at the Diagnostic and Surgery Center will be directed to the center by their referring physician,” Drover said. “Also, all patients will receive a pre-registration call, which will include a reminder about the location of their procedure.”
Opening the Lake Regional Diagnostic and Surgery Center helps make way for the hospital’s Outpatient Services remodel, which will begin mid-August. The new center and the remodel will enhance patient comfort and privacy, and accommodate the growing number of individuals seeking outpatient services.
Lake Regional’s Outpatient Services department provides a variety of surgeries, procedures, and therapies that can be performed without an overnight hospital stay. These services include surgeries, colonoscopy, blood transfusions, cardioversions, rheumatology (arthritis) infusions and much more. In 2016, Lake Regional Outpatient Services had more than 26,500 patient visits. Learn more at