The Good Shepherd Nursing Home District board of directors Tuesday, Aug. 1 agreed to table a decision about which pharmacy they will contract to provide pharmaceutical services to the district’s facilities in Versailles and Laurie.
Legal counsel for the district, Andrew Hardwick, reported there were six pharmacies which responded to a request for bids. Those bidding were Versailles Pharmacy, Clinic Pharmacy (both in Versailles), Guardian, Omni, Pharmacy America, and United.
Hardwick said the bids were “very tight on the numbers” and a clear choice or lowest bid was not readily identifiable. The request for proposal, among other things, asked each pharmacy service provider to list 20 particular drugs and the costs associated with them, for comparison among bidders. Because of some anomalies in the prices of certain drugs, clarification was needed and a decision was tabled.
A third party pharmacist is being considered to help the district better compare the bids before a decision can be made.
Facility Improvements
In other district news, the Laurie Care Center and Laurie Knolls, after receiving extensive hail damage, will be getting new roofs, covered by insurance. The total cost for roof replacement on the facilities is approximately $400,000.
A new gymnasium, for use by district employees during normal business hours has been completed. An open house is scheduled 2 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 29.
A new day care facility for employees is now half completed. A mid-September finish dare is anticipated. The facility will include a playground and secure check-out system.
District Administrator Lance Smith said the district is in a “good” year but “We need to do better on hitting the target as to budget.”