December 10, 1897
A. Popper and Henry Moser have put on foot a movement looking toward installation of an electric light plant in Versailles. Cooperating with these public spirited citizens is our enterprising mayor Attorney Wm. Forman. Mayor Forman recently inspected the electric light plant in use in the wide-awake town of 3,000 people in Memphis, Mo. Upon his return home, he presented the results of his inspection to several of our citizens, resulting in favorable interest.
December 13, 1917
Having bought the L. O. Williams store in Westlawn, Versailles, I am now in business buying and selling. I am doing a general grocery business and I pay the market price for country produce. People who have been trading with me say I am saving them money. Try me. -J. M. Jones
December 16, 1937
H. Clifford Gunn and Goldie Routon, both of Barnett, came to Versailles Saturday, Dec. 11, secured a license, and were married by Probate Judge S. J. Holloway. They were accompanied by the groom’s brother Chas. Gunn, who is employed at the Cash Drug store. The bride is the attractive daughter of Elmer Routon and is a graduate of Barnett High School. The groom is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Gunn of near Barnett and is one of the community’s most successful and prosperous and young farmers.
December 13, 1957
When your poinsettia plant is finished blooming for the season, set it in the basement and withhold water so it will lose its leaves and go dormant. Keep it just moist enough so as not to completely dry up. In May, re-pot it in new soil and cut the top back to about six or eight inches from the pot and start watering. It will come out into a new plant. Put the pot outside in the garden for the summer and take it inside again before cold weather in the fall and you will have a beautiful plant again next Christmas.
December 15, 1977
The game Tuesday night against the Warsaw Wildcats could have been billed “The Greatest Show on Earth,” especially if the third quarter was all that was seen. The Tigers demolished the Warsaw 104-73, and put on a show in the third quarter that will be hard to match. Versailles held Warsaw to six points in the third quarter, while they pumped in 35 points to break the game wide open.
December 11, 1997
The Versailles eighth-grade problem solving team of Cheyene Lietzke, Jennifer Kauffman, Tori Wing, Larry Thompson, Kelly Naylor, Chana Phillips, Noah Calton, and Patrick Haggerman won first place in the Problem Solving Day competition. The winners were awarded free Big Macs from McDonald’s.