October 1, 1897
A very happy incident in the lives of two of Versailles’ popular young people occurred at the residence of D. C. Hardy last Wednesday, being nothing less than the marriage of his beautiful and accomplished daughter Myrtle, to J. S. Washburn, one of our most worthy and promising young business men. The attendants were Warren Todd and Ella Hardy, sister of the bride. The couple left for St. Louis where they will enjoy fall festivities in the metropolis.
October 4, 1917
Forty-six more Morgan County boys were to Camp Funston, Kan. for training for war service Thursday morning, leaving Versailles just before daybreak. The boys came to the city Wednesday evening and were treated to a reception by the citizens of Versailles. The program was in the opera house which was filled to utmost capacity. The boys all seemed to leave in good spirits. A big crowd of citizens stayed up all night with them and accompanied them to the train.
October 7, 1937
Oct. 1 was a day long to be remembered by the Kintner family. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Kintner of Versailles celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Mr. Kintner is 72 and Mrs. Kintner is 71. Mr. Howland of Howland Lodge, Mrs. Haines of Lucky Strike Camp, and Mrs. Lottie Hollingshead arranged for a pleasant day at the Howland Lodge on Lake of the Ozarks.
October 4, 1957
The Missouri Bureau of Vital Statistics estimates the population of Missouri is 4,206,000. They also estimate the population would leave rural areas in favor of metropolitan areas over the next few years.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Harrison of Versailles. celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.
October 6, 1977
The Butterfield Wagon Train, driven with miniature mules by Ted Sink of Osceola, made two stops in Versailles. While traveling the 115-year-old “Old Butterfield Overland Stage Route,” south from California, the train stopped overnight at the farm of Otto Carver south of Syracuse.
October 2, 1997
The Missouri Draft Horse Pullers Association had its 21st pull of the season Saturday, Sept. 27 at the George C. Petty Memorial Arena. This pull was dedicated to long-time horse puller Gayle O’Neil, and is the last pull of the season. In the competition, the horses get three tries to pull a sled of weights 15 feet.